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Ming Li Tsang, M.D.

Dr. Ming Tsang Credential:

  •   Speaks English, Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin

  •   Board Certified, Family Medicine

  •   10 Years of Experience

  •   Worked at St Francis, SF


My desire to become a physician began at an early age when I was still living in China. My mother was working in a hospital; she would take me to work with her and the hospital became my playground.  I saw so many patients suffering from pains and injuries and these experiences had a profound effect on me: I wished that someday I, too, would be able to help the sick and injured.


After I graduated from Jinan University Medical College, Guangzhou, China, I obtained a masters degree in Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. I then spent 4 years in New York City working as a research fellow at two prestigious medical institutions: The Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and The Rockefeller University’s Department of Cellular Physiology and Immunology. My main focus was in virology and immunology related to HIV research and, as a result, I published many research papers. I next began a family medicine residency program at the Aultman Hospital, Canton, Ohio, where I gained great experience with patients. My experiences caring for patients and helping them toward recoveries reinforced my desire to dedicate my life to work as a physician.

Since then, I’ve been practicing medicine in San Francisco. I am fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, and I do home visits and house calls to elderly Chinese patients whose physical and language barriers often prevent them from seeking necessary medical care. I established my own practice so that I can spend more quality time with my patients and focus more on disease prevention. My extensive knowledge in HIV research helps me greatly in my treatment of HIV infected patients.

As I continue to practice medicine in my clinic, I realized that a good physician not only must gain clinical knowledge and master technical skills, who also must listen intently to his patients’ needs and engage them in the medical decision-making process. He must travel their life journey with them. To do this, he must be non-judgmental, respectful, and empathetic to what his patients are going through. I believe the true art of medicine requires the healing of not just patients’ physical wellbeing, but their souls as well.

The child whose playground was a hospital has grown up to find his calling: to be a physician dedicated to alleviating others’ suffering.

Ekkawit Chanchorn, M.D., PhD

Dr. Ekkawit Chanchorn Credential:

  • Speaks English, Thai

  • Board Certified, Internal Medicine

  • 5 Years of Experience

  • Worked at HSHS St John, Springfield, IL


I am a primary care physician serving the San Francisco Bay Area. I was born in Thailand and speak fluently in both Thai and English. In 2005, I received my Doctor of Medicine degree from Chiang Mai University. Thereafter, I received my Ph.D. in the Chemical Biology Interdisciplinary Program at the University of Houston and won the Employee recognition award for outstanding scientific productivity in 2009.


I have had extensive research on cancer biology during that time. I then went to the Internal Medicine residency program at James J Peter VAMC (affiliated with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) at Bronx, NY. I had the opportunity to experience a diversity of patients with various clinical conditions. This has allowed me to better appreciate the multidisciplinary team approach that is essential for complete patient care, it has also allowed me to take a holistic approach, to treat patients as people not only as a disease. Also, the cultural diversity of the community has taught me how to understand all my patients and take the time to know them. It is important to listen to patients and their families, I believe that leads to a good rapport and clear communication, which are the keys that will help patients understand their disease and help with the healing process. Due to my research background, I also like to learn new things and keep updating my knowledge to make better treatment options for my patients. When I am not treating patients, I enjoy exercising, weightlifting, cooking healthy food, enjoying outdoor activity, trekking, and camping. That's why I fall in love with the Bay Area, which has nice weather all year round and the amazingly beautiful places nearby.

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